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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 25, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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be on the team. >> i got him at 53 yards. it's just not a tough pitch. you have the bunker behind it. that's really not an issue from this distance. they landed short of the hole. let the ball take a skip and a check. release a little bit. it's something he expects to get inside. eight feet, ten feet of the hole. >> that's a feel shot. it actually is interpretive. when you're nervous sometimes these aren't as easy as they normally are. just in normal play. like you say, if he wants to make it, keep the ball under the holes, the best spot to make it. >> he had it to the side of the hole in the playoff.
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i think he went just in front of the hole for a straight putt. >> brushed the grass. >> hit it. that's not going to get better. he didn't carry it as far as he wanted to. >> boy, he's giving ryan moore another opening and he knows it. >> looking up like what the heck was that. >> it was well hit. he just didn't hit it hard enough. >> moore surviving the first playoff hole with a clutch birdie and mcilroy missing for eagle from six feet. if you just joined us, rory mcilroy has his fate in his own hands. it's in his second hole of a sudden death playoff. he wins the fedex title as well.
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if moore holds him off, dustin johnson wins the fedex cup title. . shot a 73 earlier today. the highest score of anybody in the final round. but still has a chance. if they don't get the job done here, if they don't have a winner guess where they go. the par 315th over the water. 201 yards. both will long birdie looks here. ryan moore to attempt first, roger. >> a putt just over 42 feet up the hill. it's got to go some to the right. it's slow and does break a little bit right. it is hard to get it to the hole. hard to make 42-footers often. >> especially with this on the line. >> you can see the shadow this
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time of day is the opposite of the shadow. that's not the world's easiest putt. >> moore will take a deep breath. rory mcilroy for the second straight hole will have a chance to win it. this birdie putt well outside the 6'0" eagle he missed which would have put it away earlier. 17 feet, to be exact. >> this one has to go just to the right as well. just a little bit. >> mm-hmm. >> this one he's taking more time on. >> this to win the tour championship and the fedex cup title.
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once again mcilroy is given the opportunity to tie him. interesting because moore's putt broke so much to the right, i think it influenced rory's read. >> it was a left edge putt. he had a good putt again. >> yep. but this is one tough pressure putt like any birdie on the first playoff hole here. this for par. a chance for another clutch putt to force it to another sudden
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death playoff hole. mcilroy not officially in. he's really close in there for par. another big one for moore. >> at least right edge. definitely moves left. easi easily, the 15th. hitting shots. >> think tied with a par.
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they go on to the third sudden death hole. rory has had the advantage both holes. just didn't put him away. you can only do it so many times before it boomerangs on you. >> moore. there it is. dead still that lake, east lake. 201 yards across the water. >> but as we mentioned earlier in the show it didn't have the huge numbers. there wasn't a ton of carnage there at the 15. >> not a ton of time left before it gets too dark. >> the sun set in less than an hour from now. even if they don't settle it at 15. if it doesn't settle at 15 they
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go to 16, 17 and 18. if you are just tuning in to the final round of the tour championship which is a sudden death playoff, we had moore, mcilroy and chappell. chappell eliminated. if moore wins, johnson wins the fedex cup and mcilroy has it in his hands. he wins the tour championship; the fedex cup. four-time major championship trying to put away the biggest payday in golf. let's see how they played 15 the first time around. mcilroy with a 7 iron here. again across the water, 201 yards. nice swing there. the full seven iron with the right to left win. two putt for par. the next hole he holed out for eagle to get into the mix and get himself into the playoff. this is how ryan moore played
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it. he was with mcilroy in the second to last group with a 6 iron. down into the bunker. he was able to get it up and down for par. that's what transpired a little while ago. part of the new configuration here. in the tour championship played with the other nine. this was the sixth hole. the tenth playoff with the tour championship. only the second with the fedex cup in the balance. back in 2011 to put it away. rory has the supporters away. rory hit the nice seven iron earlier today. had problems on the watery holes
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including a double bogey. two of the last four final rounds in the tour championship. hopefully he has a short memory. still a huge crowd waiting here for the final result of the tour championship. dustin johnson somewhere in the proceedings. we got a little preryder cup chant going on as well. we have ryan moore. >> i heard "ole" as well. they are ramping up, folks. >> in total play, moore even on 15. rory one under as he birdied the 15 on the opening round on thursday. a couple of birdies and a bogey. at 15, the final hole of the pga
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tour season. in 2015-16. >> the wind dropped from 5 miles per hour to 1. >> almost nonexistent. players probably hit pretty much the same club. it was an east wind before. now it is negligible. that's our little tower back there. >> yeah. we are right there off to the side of this tee. we have a great view. roger, you are on the scene. what's it feeling like out there? >> pretty excited. a huge cheer for rory went up as he passed in the cart. you can tell the sentiments of the crowd are leaning that way. ryan moore has a 6 iron and a
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chance to put pressure on. >> he likes to be under the radar. he's a competitor. he's not backing down from rory. >> he's in the spotlight now and again on the threshold of the biggest win of his pga tour career. moore now at the age of 33. won for the first time seven years ago. >> push or pull could be in the water. that would probably end it. see if the water has something to say about this. >> one final say.
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makes it even harder. i can see the top part of the ball. it's not in there deep-deep. >> yeah. >> another 6 iron here. >> a little more club. >> the sun is going down. the ball is a little shorter. >> this is left of the hole. looks deep from here. >> it is. interesting that he would switch and hit it just right. in regulation. >> this will give you an idea of the chants and roger saying clearly the crowd and rory's side. obviously played a lot here in the united states. moore is the american here.
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he might be hearing more chants. he's the lone wolf out here on tour. he stays to himself. he operates at his own speed. does his own thing just stays out of the limelight outside of contending for championships like this. once again moore wins the tour championship. johnson wins the fedex cup. mcilroy sweeps them both. $3 million to the second place on the fedex cup. a million and a half plus for
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the winner of the tour championship. so if rory mcilroy wins this championship, $11.5 million right there. not that he needs it. still gets your attention. >> he's doing okay. >> he's a nice guy. >> he is. both are good guys. rory will be putting first. >> he's a lot further away. you can get a better idea and you can check out the position of moore's ball. >> moore's ball is sitting up. i always think that lie can fluff on you. you can't compress it so well unless you hit it just right.
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the advantage now is pretty neutral. [ crowd chanting "rory" ] >> again with the new conf configuration of the course you have three stories in all. maybe this would be the appropriate place to end the pga tour season. being one of the first semi island greens ever in the united states, this one here. peninsula green some call it. very similar to what the 17th, the players course looks like at tpc. this is a nerve wracking hole. can play 235 or 230-something in that area, depending where the
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hole is. it gets your attention. they have good shots. ryan's ball is only one yard from bouncing in the water. >> rog got to scout out ryan's lie. >> it is not sitting all the way down. johnny said it well earlier. the danger is catching it high on the blade and having it come out dead and get it on the front of the green. if he makes good contact that's not a tough chip. >> this is a cross-country birdie attempt by mcilroy. two-putt not even close to being easy. >> we awe this putt earlier. it is a double breaker. i think it will go left initially. two from there.
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>> hmm. such a solid stroke on that. >> a great effort there. >> eight feet away. >> oh, yeah. >> at least. mcilroy had a chance to win it all. moore had a chance to win it all. now he's in the rough. maybe if he can get it up and down that will be the winner. >> see if ryan can make the strike the way he wants to.
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>> nice. nice, indeed. that's going to be a par for moore and that will put big time pressure on mcilroy to move it along to 16. he's just hit clutch shot, pressure shot after pressure shot, moore has when it counted. >> you referred to it. rory had a chance to close it out twice. see if he could make it. >> 63-foot birdie putt. now a seven-foot par putt. for most likely obviously with moore so close there for par to stay in it. >> got to believe it has a right hand break in it. just a little bit. >> just a touch.
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>> what a putt by mcilroy. clutch save for the three. >> wow. >> well, we're getting our money's worst. -- worth. >> moore will tap in here for the three. we'll head over to the par four 16th. rory's favorite hole. >> yeah. can't wait to show you that again. seems like a long time ago. doesn't it? >> moore and mcilroy play on. birdie at 18, par at 18. the same with the tough par 3 16. let's set this hole. 456 yards.
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>> uphill all the way. 46 feet. the bunker sz are well placed. rory hit it way past the bunker out there. you can see pretty far. 331 yards. he hit it past the bunker. ryan will lay it up short of that. we'll show you in a minute the back hole location. 64 in regulation to steal it from chappell. we'll see if that takes it from dustin if rory were to win. this is a well played hole by both of them. super well prayed by rory. >> you can see the fourth playoff hole. matching the longest playoff of the season on tour. >> squeezed one out there.
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>> started it at the left. cutting into the right side. i think it should be fine. >> it will be good. >> that's excellent. >> just excellent. >> good way to hit it straight with the driver. play a little cut. >> the squeeze fade. hit it perfect. >> rory squinting into the sun. >> this is a gamble. i'm not sure he can see it. but that gets by the bunker. what a drive by rory. >> uphill about 340 and change. that's amazing. >> once again power taking over for rory mcilroy.
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we alluded to the incredible shot by rory mcilroy. first 160 yards left for ryan moore. >> holding the finish and he likes it. for good reason. moving right 5r7bd to the right. >> so moore ended up with a par. two putt from there. this got rory mcilroy into the position he's in from 138 yards. a thing of perfection. he was right in the middle of it. that got him to within two of kevin chappell who still had the lead at that point with 13 under. birdied the 18th. away on the outside looking in.
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18 and chappell finishes 5-5. >> at the time it got rory within one of chappell who birdied the same hole. coming down the stretch. we would be commercial break other than the station break earlier for four hours. almost four hours i should say as we come up on the 7:00 hour. >> one little note about rory mcilroy, the first 27 holes he was way outside looking in. plus one. final 45 holes minus 13. >> there is the gear we talk about rory has. all the great ones can go to when they need it. we talked about rory finally feeling in synch. his worst of the four here a 70
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in the second round. he went to the practice after that round. he worked with his instructor. rory said his upper body was out of synch with the lower body. it was too fast. he worked on it and finally got the movement in synch. the next day, yesterday, shot a 66. today took the course apart with the 64. if you wonder now rory found it. that's the latest way he got back into his rory groove. >> well, who 's going to make a mistake first? >> who's going to flinch in the setting sun up the hill at 16 this time? >> in case you just tuned in rory had a huge advantage knocking it six feet on the
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first playoff hole for eagle. he does not make the putt even after ryan moore made birdie. so they went on to 18th again. now they are over here at the hole after 15. >> okay. roger. >> 180 up the hill. the sun setting right in their eyes filtering through a huge pine tree way behind the green. nevertheless, it's there. >> hard to see. to the right of the hole from the center of the green. >> not a good shot. up the side of the ridge. and then on. rory got a wedge shot. made two earlier on this hole. another big advantage. >> you don't think power is an advantage? 52 yards closer than moore after roger, a 328-yard drive.
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>> what a great weapon. you say he's taking a chance with the driver off the tee. man, that's one of his big cards. he played it. now he has 128 yards left of the hole. a chance to get one close. he definitely should bend down and kiss the green if he birdies this hole. sand wedge. >> not bad at all. >> it's not an eagle like a while ago, but it's got a birdie chance written on it for sure. moore a disadvantage on the fourth playoff hole. another look from above.
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taking a swing at that one. came up a little short. not bad at all. >> you talk about money and the big cash on the line. this is a note. if rory doesn't win he would finish third in the fedex cup. combine the difference between him winning and losing this playoff is almost $9 million. ryan moore is just trying to win the tour championship. biggest win obviously of his career. rory has the pressure of that winning the tour championship and knowing that the fedex cup is in the balance of all the cash. >> you try not to think of that out there. >> true. >> you know in the back of your head whether you like it or not.
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ryan isn't in the greatest spot, is he? >> no. he's got the side hill slope you've got to come across the ridge. slov it off left. just imagine how much. and how soon that will happen. he's going to try to chip it across that because of that. >> well, it makes it where he's thinking about holing it. >> that takes all the crazy break. is he banking into the mound? >> why would he be touching my mound? >> i don't know. >> i think he can pitch across it. he'll try to play something low. it will bounce to the left when it hits that part of the green. it takes a big part of the break out if he tried to putt it.
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>> landing on the flat. time after time he's come through and he needed it. >> that's got speed. >> hammered it. >> didn't like that choice at all. either putt it or lob wedge it. that might be the mistake we said somebody is going to make. if you think rory is inside that? let's look at this again. >> i don't think there is a question he's inside. >> yeah. >> hitting it low. just a stab driving it into the bank. but the first hop bounced over the hill. i think he was hoping the first hop would check into the hill and then trickle down but if you hit a lob wedge it could end up on the flat and take the break
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out. or putt it. this is about the same exact angle from the putt he had earlier. >> i'll say it is. . we'll show you the approach shot. he knows. >> a double breaker. >> he knows where it goes. nothing like the knowledge you secured a couple of hours ago. >> the first eight feet moved then back an inch the other way. not much break. >> this for par. >> this is if rory does something -- >> he's not going to do that. >> way off.


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